There used to be an image here


Masks. Layer upon layer. Mask upon mask.

Don’t try to figure me out.

Live for the moment and adopt a constipated attitude to life…DON’T GIVE A SHIT.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. edmo Says:

    Holla when u get that Tattoo Mate..
    It’s been in my pipeline too long!!

  2. Lionel Says:

    Yeah u b right about the constipation….! God, u look scary…..those eyes terrify little children….lol!

  3. fujitsioux Says:

    Constipation gives you anal fissures. Nope, you don’ wanna know.

  4. tumwijuke Says:

    Okay, so you are a badass.

    Now will you please change the picture to one in which you don’t look like a shaved Bobi Wine.

  5. Lorna Says:

    Hey people, dont hate, Ivan, you look hot BRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAA. YOu are all that

  6. tumwijuke Says:

    Loving the new header, but ‘enlightened’? You? Really?

  7. Paul Says:

    U really don’t look that enlightened… leave the Bad Ass image, ur blank stare throws you out of the Jayz wannabe Fraternity…

    ! Its sad…

  8. Ivan Says:

    And because I am clearly about making people happy…

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