So Now We Know….

Got Tricked Into Doing This

Okay,so its official,I needn’t got hrough the hectic,migraine inducing process of trying to remember the address for the edit section of the site…I can just hit Blog this and that’s it…Big Up Baz with the words of wisdom…I’ll put my agreeing with you down to the fact that there’s a song playing on K-FM that emotionally begs us to believe that You don’t need dreads to be a Rastafari person…You also don’t have to be hydrophobic or nuthin’….plus it wouldn’t hurt if half the time,at the very least, you utter things that people DO understand. Anywho,I just happened to be here,doing rounds and stuff…


Got Tricked Into Doing This

Got Tricked Into Doing This

I clicked on the Blog This thing and ended up here.I honestly have no idea as per what the heck will happen when i hit the “publish” button…Knowing the power that the internet wields,I will definitely NOT be arrested…Yes,Carlo….I acknowledge that I too have my flaws,I am not the genius everyone makes me out to be…well maybe a little,but only just….And Dee!!thanks for actually posting a comment..Its odd,I actually get moved by the friggin’ comments…anywho,Movers and Shakers out there let it not be said I forgot y’all.I just figured I’d rather give props to Darlyne and Carlo for their support.