Here’s a Thought

On the Recent Kyeyo Law

Kyeyo: What Ugandans do abroad in an attempt to make ends meet. Derived from the fact that it also includes sweeping roads with brooms (Byeyo) from time to time. And now as they are making some sort of headway a law is introduced that could very well sweep the smiles off their faces.
A while back Zoe Bakoko Bakoru said something about a Kyeyo law coming into existence. We didn’t think a lot about it.Something was said about the president launching it at Speke Resort. The way this was said implied that something significant was going down. We waited with little more than bated breath. Personally,I could not see how exactly this thing was going to work.
The Visa Refusal letters always have something about seeking recourse to Public Funds.Technically this means that they do not want us to get their money…wait their funds.Its a BACK OFF type arrangement and all of a sudden we are getting a law to streamline the whole employment thing.
The implications?Somehow our government reckons that it will be able to tell the other Governments to recruit our guys.Hang on…What gives?Aren’t we taking this whole Live 8 thing way too seriously?
There is simply no way this thing makes sense,from previous experience the Visa guys here make it appear as though we’d have better luck squeezing lemonade from a rock (blood makes me queasy and mis-spell stuff) and all of a sudden we are supposed to believe that we shall stroll into the Visa Office and say “Hi,I’m a Ugandan and I’d like to go over to the UK and seek recourse to the Public Funds you have for so long been protecting…”
The President (also known as Our Glorious Leader by some and The Guy Who Would Have Made More Money If he Was Not serving the Nation by himself) says this is a temporary solution. He reasons that we could make use of the Ugandans working in space stations and stuff abroad.Ofcourse we could.When we are done with drilling for oil in Lake Albert we desperately need Rocket Scientists to come over and lay the blue prints for what it would take to effectively build more castles in the sky.

(This is a bit late,I thought I’d posted it until I mentioned it to someone and they gave me a blank expression…)