To the power company. . .with venom

I write you a letter; scratch that, a poem,

I’ve tried every approach, but the words,
I guess are too big,

You simply don’t know ‘em.

So here’s another attempt, borne out of a cut wire,

The approach,

Different in every way entire.


It pisses me off no end, knowing I’m stuck with you,

Down right shitty is the reality,

The fact,

That neither I nor my countrymen

Have anything we can do…

Except hope….and dream,

And dream….


Dream a dream filled with animosity,

Bursting at the seam, with intent cold,

Filled to the brim with desires of the mold,

The mold of which I speak,

Is the kind from which I derive a kick,

Like when I watch a flick,

Where the sick demented prick

Meets his end,

His demise,

Gone, till Kingdom come.

Nobody cries… nobody tries.


That’s what I feel for you,





Shots in the dark

This is ridiculous.
No actually, maybe not. With the way this night has been going, I suppose something had to give. I’d have to be an idiot to expect anything “normal’ to happen. Yvette’s dead, I did not leave the room and I saw no harm in getting it on with a whore.

Yeah, seems just about as “normal” as I’m going to get.Now this!I am staring into the barrel of the gun. My heart’s beating as fast as it would if I’d just completed a marathon of some sort. Oh yeah, and I’ve gone flaccid. Nice to know things in that department are working as they should.

The brown body that was intertwined with mine is still. She’s not dead, thankfully, but she might as well be. This night seems to have it in for me. There’s a moment of awkwardness. We are staring at the cop, she’s staring back at us. I can’t quite make out the expression on her face. It’s like anger and shock had a kid and dumped it on her face.

I notice the prostitute is not breathing as hard as she should be. There’s a certain calm. She’s not frightened. She damn well should be, but she isn’t.

Not a word is spoken. At first.

Then, “Officer, you are infringing on my privacy”

It’s kind of a lame thing to say, really, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s not like there’s a phrase book you can borrow from when faced with such dilemmas.

“Shut the hell up! Don’t speak until I tell you to!” The way she spits out the words, it’s a wonder no one gets hurt from the sheer force alone. That couldn’t have played out differently.

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Holi Moli!


A New Year, A week later

You’ve probably had the “happy new year” greeting more times than you care to remember so I’ll spare you.

As it stands there’s very little to be happy about. Our cousins across the border are going through the after effects of an election gone wrong. Its what we keep hoping won’t happen to us. We’ve been fortunate to survive that sort of thing. Whether this means we give up too soon, we are too sane or we just don’t have the balls to stand our ground is an entirely different issue. Heck, it shouldn’t matter.

There’s talk of how this makes Uganda look good. How exactly someone came up with this is beyond me. Maybe it does, but is it worth it? People are dying and somehow we should appreciate this? Its messed up, that’s what it is.

There’s a fuel crisis because of the situation next door. The annoying thing is the fact that even if I haven’t got a car, I am still affected. Its a classic case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. For the first time in my life I heard the words “Only rich people can afford us” coming from a Boda Boda. A humbling experience? Nuh. I was pissed off.

Apparently we as a nation have issued a statement congratulating the “president” of Kenya. What does this say? As it stands (to the best of my knowledge) we are the only people that are okay with this. We as a nation backed this? Fine.  Realistically there’s not much we can do about this. We have to go with the flow and hope that our cousin’s across the border are aware that it was not a view that we all held.

I gather we have deployed across the border to prevent the violence from sipping over. Is there a chance that we may be paying attention to the wrong border?

Let’s pray that this thing is sorted out soon.

 In other news, my take on the Showbiz in 2007 can be found here

And finally, because friends know you better than you know yourself (yeah, sure), my pals figured they’d make my resolutions for me… One kind of implied that the CRAVE cologne I was wearing on that day was not as cool as I thought it was (go on, HATE), so, to end this, here are my pals’ NYRs for me…



So there you have ’em. Their Handwritings in plain view. Practice them and when they finally make it in life, rob ’em.