Comin Up
You know when, you know where. Come on over and let’s do this!

Oh yeah, people in attendance are usually more colorful than this thing.


12 Responses to “Comin up THIS THURSDAY”

  1. Tandra Says:

    i haaaaaaaaaad to!

  2. Mr. Back2Basics... Says:

    Nice one Ai…
    and Tandra…. Banange!

  3. Miss Cheri Says:

    I’ll be the fly on the wall…

    Is there a wall?

  4. Ivan Says:

    @ Tandra: Yeah, clearly you had too. . .

    @B2B: I’m going to start posting a comment right after hitting publish, this is getting out of hand

    @Miss Cheri: Walls at Mateos? Never to be

  5. petesmama Says:

    I can haz coke too?

  6. Carlo Says:

    I’ll be late. With a camera? Hmmmmmm . . .

  7. Miss Cheri Says:

    Ok, I’m here, waiting for the update from the BHH. With some pics.

    People, does anyone know how Rev is doing?

  8. DeTamble Says:

    Yeah! Where’s the update! C’mon you lazy bunch of beer snatchers!

    @Cheri: He’s fine. Why don’t you call him if you’re worried?

  9. chanelno5 Says:

    Update will you. I need some mojo

  10. Ivan Says:

    @Chanel: Soon

    @DeTamble: There are about three BHH posts across the web. . .I didn’t snatch any beer. . .honestly.

    @Cheri: There are about three…. Rev is alright

    @Carlo: Found you there, what does that say about me being late?

    @Kissyfur: Now now, I will not entertain terms of endearment being thrown about on my blog like that.

    @Petesmama: Yes

  11. Alesi Says:

    Did you gab Mr. Back2Basics’ template or what?

    I thought your resolution for this year was not to steal!!! Sticky fingaz!! And you have left Mr. B2B really stark basic!

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