What If he wore Sneakers

There’s a song from way back when (which means we will probably hear it during Rock Night) that has the singer wonder out loud, “what if God was one of us?”

I kinda feel uneasy with that direction…come to think of it, there’s probably some religious sect that wasn’t too pleased.

So,to avoid stepping on toes, I’ll ask..What if Spidey wore shoes?

Yeah, I realise this may imply that I have some sort of fascination with the whole Spidey saga, but if you look real close you will notice that;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
If there’s no image above this, I have been conned!

a)I’m trying to get you to buy me these shoes
b)I’m doing this to step on Darlyne’s toes….

Seriously,footlocker has a promotion of sorts..I want these…I also want an Ipod…

Incidentally blogger won’t let me upload pix…so I’m going to try and beat the sytem,if this doesn’t work…I tried.


8 Responses to “What If he wore Sneakers”

  1. Darlkom Says:

    My toes?

    Cool new theme, logo, background, whatever, I am not an ubergeek so I don’t know the right word.

    My Toes?

  2. The 0ne Says:

    If by My Toes,you’re going for some new Hip Song like My Humps,it won’t work…If on the other hand you’re asking about the reference in the blog..yes,yours. I figure I keep throwing Spiderman in your face loads ;o)

  3. ~sandinmyshoes~ Says:

    hey, DOES Spiderman (or any superhero for that matter) wear sneakers? Hmm, something to ponder…

  4. ~sandinmyshoes~ Says:

    never mind. I just found out he wears some sort of super-fitting boots/stockings/whatever… Yeah, I googled it.

  5. Iwaya Says:

    the new look: stunning.

    the new font:next to difficult to read. (but it maybe my computer or the spects)

    Blog more while you’re at it too!

  6. The 0ne Says:

    @Iwaya…there’s something wrong with the font on the template,so I need to keep resizing the text…guess Size does matter after all…

    @Sandinmy…well,thing is,we had an argument with my cousin whilst watching Superman Returns,coz they gave us close ups of the boot-thingies…one word…NIKE

  7. baz Says:

    There was a guy called Luke Cage Powerman in the eighties. He wore hi-top Converse.

    I was youngish.

  8. CountryBoyi Says:

    am likin this template! some brains were poured into it, i think. so am likin it & there’s nothing that u’ll say will change my mind.
    & i like this post too!

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