Bringin Down the House

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Listen, I appreciate the fact that people think I am not into TV…well,I wasn’t and I made it known. But for the love of God..I don’t want to watch some overhyped show…like Prison Break or 24…It used to be 24, but somewhere along the line Prison Break broke into the whole thing and now everybody is recommending the thing…Thanks,but no thanks.

I am watching HOUSE…which in my opinion is a nice thing. . .Its like a decent version of E.R.

I have gotten into it so much,I have a guide for the few that may not know what to expect…

1)Switch on the DVD player

2)Hit Play.

3)Opening sequence with someone falling sick, if the director(s) feel like it, they will kinda zoom in and show us (in all its GORY) what exactly is happening.

4)Someone freaks out and the opening credits come on. (at this point it would be advisable to call up a friend and tell them what you’re watching and just how gory it is.)

5)Shot of the hospital

6)Shot of House…

7) House is told about the problem,he is reluctant at first,but then he takes on the case and makes a quick assessment…House is wrong

8)Sorry,House is never wrong…

9)House gets his team on the case while he deals with some other nagging patient

10)House tells the team They are wrong…

11)Take note of the time, if its no where near thirty minutes in, the cure is far off

12) House is sour,but he is also witty,so we will let that go…JACK BAUER IS NOT WITTY

13)The team brainstorm and House walks in

14)Close to thirty minutes? Good, the cure is around the corner…

15)The cure is here,and so are the closing credits

Now,the thing about 24 is this…something that can best be summed up thus, STOP THE TERRORISTS…is stretched out for ages…


8 Responses to “Bringin Down the House”

  1. Darlkom Says:

    First of all; I like House, in fact, I like t.v, period. (Do I have to put the period after saying period?)
    Secondly, PB kicks ass. SHUT UP!!

  2. Iwaya Says:

    man, a series is like whoa, big time commitment. i don’t know if i want to be that commited. convince me otherwise. i’m still not yet won over.

  3. inktus Says:

    weneva they advertize an episode of House, i think, ‘that sounds interesting, shud note the time and day, maybe watch that episode…’ but then wen i do, i think ‘this is cheesy! and y do they talk so damn much?’ but then i’ll see an ad for another episode, and wanna watch that one and then get dissapointed. so i’v come to the conclusion that the ads are better than the show (u get the whole story in a few minutes), or i hav a really short attention span.

  4. lissingmink Says:

    oh oh… i hear you on house like…eeeeh… then? though i appreciate dr. house’s sarcasm.

    i advise on watching ‘lost’, it is the weirdest script, with interesting twists- a bit far fetched… but a good watch; going back to the house wives season 2

  5. Jay Says:

    You forgot the obligatory part where Dr.House hurts someone’s feelings

  6. The 0ne Says:

    @Lissing..I am doing Lost as well…MAN I HATE LOCKE!…and Kate is getting on my nerves…

    @Jay…But he is cool,so we can leave that out can’t we?

    @Inktus..ah ye mere mortals!

    @Iwaya…this is one of them series that will grip you and let you go out and hang out with your pals while it chills out..


  7. ~sandinmyshoes~ Says:

    @ The One: couldn’t agree more! Love House, it’s witty and edgy and grotesque… ah, what more could you ask for? Oh, i know- Grey’s Anatomy. Seriously, i recommend. Ok, maybe it’ll please the chicks more because it stars the very dreamy Isaiah Washington, but still. It has the humor of Scrubs, the gripping medical stuff of ER and- would you believe- a moral lesson at the end of each episode!

    @ lissingmink: lol, so true. The dude is harsh.

    @ everyone that likes Prison Break and 24: you’ll see the light soon enough.

  8. The 0ne Says:

    @Sand…I just might get into Grey’s Anatomy…when I am done with Season 2 of House…Grotesque? Nip/Tuck is Grotesque.House is sumthin else…

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